The marketing area is very dynamic and highly influenced by economic, social and technological factors.
Therefore, the professional who wants to work in the area needs to develop a very plural profile and be able to adapt to changes. Know more!
If you are wondering what are the marketing areas, know that this is a department that is constantly changing, but that also offers many possibilities for those who are curious, creative and know how to work in a team.

In addition, with the digital transformation experienced in recent years, the digital marketing opened a series of new positions in the area, giving the opportunity for new talents to enter the market. Currently, marketing has the new communication technologies incorporated into its day-to-day, making the study and work of professionals very dynamic.

Were you curious and want to know what the 9 areas of marketing are and how to work on them? Then this article is for you! In it, we will cover:

  • What is marketing?
  • How is the marketing market?
  • What are the areas of Marketing?
  • How to work in these areas?
  • How important is specialization?


Marketing is an area of ​​knowledge that studies and works with the market. Thus, it is possible to understand it as a set of actions and strategies formulated for the sale of products and services,with the aim of meeting the desires and needs of consumers.

It also encompasses efforts to brand communication with the target audience of the business. To work in the area, you need to develop some skills, mainly because marketing follows market trends and is directly linked to digital transformation and adoption of new technologies.

Marketing is allied to strategies, which consist of a set of practical actions that are capable of achieve the goals linked to the brand, such as making it better known, increasing the number of sales or forming a more positive image of the company.

How is the marketing market?

The marketing market is very dynamic and highly influenced by economic, social and technological factors. Therefore, the professional who wants to work in the area needs to develop a profile that is quite plural and capable of adapting to changes.

In this scenario, to act in the area, it is necessary:

  • have good oral and written communication;
  • have good knowledge of the digital market;
  • knowing how to work in a team;
  • have analytical thinking;
  • Be creative;
  • master the main knowledge of digital marketing - such as email marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, among others;
  • be able to adapt easily;
  • like working with metrics.

In addition, digital marketing has gained space, making the daily life of professionals in the field quite challenging and highly dynamic.

What are the areas of Marketing?

Marketing areas are interconnected. Each professional has a role within the strategy that, with technological advances, are increasingly digital. Below are some of the main areas of marketing. Follow!


Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that has been increasingly used by brands. A Hubspot study reveals that 75% of companies that apply inbound marketing in their actions believe in the efficiency of the technique. This is a marketing strategy based on attracting and converting customers interested in what the company has to offer.

In general, inbound marketing strategies use the exchange of consumer personal data. It works like this: for the person to have access to valuable content, such as an e-book or free trial, they must provide their contact details. From there, it becomes a lead (potential customer), which will be worked on along with the strategies arising from content marketing, until it is ready to be approached by the sales team.


The SEO strategy uses search engines to answer questions from leads and help them solve their concerns and problems. Thus, it is an area of ​​digital marketing that makes the strategic planning of content

Com isso, os conteúdos devem ser otimizados de forma a serem reconhecidos pelos mecanismos de busca. Ainda é possível se posicionar nas primeiras posições dos buscadores, o que gera mais tráfego para o site da empresa, gerando também mais leads.


Social media focuses exactly on social networks and is one of the most promising areas of marketing today. Efforts in this area seek to strengthen the strategies of the various areas of digital marketing.

Professionals who live in this area create actions aimed at this environment. In addition, monitor these communication channels with the brand, always focused on the target audience of the business.


Most marketing strategies focused on the digital environment focus on organic traffic, but paid traffic is also an area of ​​paramount importance for the success of marketing actions. Paid traffic is capable of generating faster results for brands and can be a strong ally to encourage organic interaction.

Most publication boosts happen through Google Ads. Here, other tools and platforms that offer paid media, sponsored posts, among others, also come in. To optimize results, it is important to monitor them in order to correct strategies. Thus, it is possible to create metrics to evaluate the performance of campaigns, making them more efficient.


Neuromarketing unites marketing with science to study consumer behavior. It also uses knowledge related to psychology, sociology and related areas to understand people's behavior in the face of their needs and market offers.

Thus, neuromarketing is responsible for analyzing how the human brain behaves when making a purchase decision.


To keep the operation running and attract an ever-increasing number of customers, companies that sell through online channels rely on the help of marketing professionals — specialists in managing online stores and customer relations in these media.


Content production is a strong ally of marketing strategies. By providing publications that help the persona of the business to solve their problems, it is possible to educate them to understand that they need a certain product or service. That way, it's easier to get the lead into the sales funnel, until it's ready to be approached by the commercial team.

The professional in this area must master SEO techniques so that publications reach the top of the search engine results page, in particular Google. Content production includes the provision of articles, e-books, infographics, podcasts, videos, and several other formats.


It seeks to identify the needs of the brand's consumers and create ties with them, investigating information capable of providing the company's target audience with good experiences. Thus, more than good service, the relationship with the customer seeks to develop true fans for the brand.


Conquering the collaboration of the company's employees is fundamental for the marketing strategies to be successful. After all, there's no point in investing in an organizational image, if when the customer arrives at the company, it doesn't reflect reality, right?

This is why endomarketing, that is, marketing aimed at the company, is so important. It seeks to engage employees, helping them to feel more satisfied with the organization. In this way, they can work more motivated and integrated with the company's actions.

By promoting better working conditions, internal marketing strategies also involve valuing employees, which contributes to increased productivity.

How to work in these areas?

Next, we present some tips for those who want to work in some of the areas of marketing. Follow!


To work in the marketing areas, it is recommended that the professional has training in the following areas:

  • administration;
  • apublicidade e propaganda;
  • acomunicação social;
  • atecnólogo em marketing.

In this way, it is possible to have a theoretical basis to guide the work more consistently. However, professionals from other training areas have also adhered to the work of the marketing area, especially those linked to the Information Technology (IT). This happens because the demand for professionals who master digital tools has increased significantly.


Marketing areas are directly influenced by social, economic and technological transformations as well as consumer behavior. With the digital transformation, all these factors change quickly, which directly impacts the work of the professional in the area.

It is for this and other reasons that marketing professionals must be aware of world news, study social dynamics, new digital marketing techniques and also be up to date on the use of tools. Soon, it becomes evident that, if you want to succeed in this area, you need to be constantly in search of knowledge.


To work in the marketing area, you can start by working in an advertising agency to gain experience, and then go on to gain your own clients. With digital marketing, for example, you can start as a freelancer and work from wherever you want, making your own hours.

The attention here is due to the service and attention to delivery times. To work independently, you will need to have an organized professional profile, to serve everyone with quality and within the timing of the campaigns.

If you intend to build an executive career, it is possible to work in large companies as an assistant, analyst and marketing manager. For this, he must have solid experience in the market, in addition to mastering the subjects relevant to each area, and have adequate conduct for the functions.

How important is specialization?

To stay up-to-date and competitive in the marketing market, having a specialization is essential. This is because companies give preference to hiring more prepared professionals to carry out their functions. So, by specializing, you conquer important competitive advantages against the competition. In addition, companies understand that you are more qualified and, therefore, will not incur additional training costs.

In this sense, in addition to a postgraduate degree in the field of marketing, it is also important to be aware of the industry events, which always bring new trends and encourage networking, very important when it comes to marketing. also bet on short duration curses to update your knowledge.

As we have seen throughout this reading, the marketing areas work in an integrated manner, with the aim of creating a strong name in the market. In addition, they also represent opportunities for professionals who wish to work in the area.


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