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We produce photos and advertising images for companies
self-employed professionals. We cover trade fairs
exhibitions and corporate events.

What We do?

Coverage of corporate and social events, Corporate portrait, Creation of advertising image bank.

Do you need to solve a problem? If so, you need a partner agency like Fenix Digitalthat understands business and can provide security and, as a result, boost your sales and increase visibility.

Individual Corporate Portrait

Personal or group photo shoot, also called corporate portrait or corporate photos, almost always in studio. We reorient your posture and facial expression creating a strong and confident image.

Photography for E-commerce

Everything is more attractive with professional photos that enhance your products. We are dedicated to producing images to capture attention, highlight the product and boost your sales. 

Event Coverage

We register with photos of your corporate event, business, lectures, trade fairs, congresses, conventions, workshops, classes, gatherings, awards and sporting events.

advertising image bank

We create advertising images for companies or businesses, products or services for print or web use. We also have ready-to-use material in our image banks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about the service.
What is the duration of the photo session?

Time of the photo session will have a direct impact on its cost. Photography services may, depending on the case, be contracted by the hour, by the day or by the project.

How many photographs are delivered?

Per package, we offer a certain number of photographs, this due to a series of factors.

Are there extra services contracted?

There are several extra services that can be offered by the photography company itself, including make-up and hairdressing services and also aesthetic services such as facial treatments, and others.

Number of people photographing influence?

Sim, o preço varia em função do número de indivíduos a fotografar. As fotografias individuais tendem a ser menos dispendiosas do que sessões com famílias ou pequenos grupos.

Can we shoot in other spaces?

It is possible that the sessions take place in another space rented for this purpose. It is important to understand that this rental will have an extra cost, it will be the responsibility of the client to expedite the process.

How much does a photo session cost?

A variety of factors affect the total session cost. Therefore, contact us, explain your project, and we will tell you the cost.

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