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Ads Don't Bring Results

Possible problems:
● Poorly segmented campaigns due to a lack of knowledge of the target audience's interests;
● Incorrect selection of keywords;
● Unconvincing landing page.

Investments in Marketing Without Return

Possible problems:
● Agency or professional without business knowledge or tools;
● Badly targeted ads to attract qualified leads;
● Poorly planned marketing and communication actions.

lack of customers

Possible problems:
● The company's offer does not generate public interest.
● Badly targeted ads to attract qualified leads;
● Communication does not convey credibility.

Service or Product Does Not Sell

Possible problems:
● Lack of market and competition understanding;
● The company did not recognize the ideal customer or is not knowing how to communicate correctly with him;
● The company's offer does not generate public interest.


Benefits of Paid Traffic

Convert People Into Opportunities


Exposure, SEO

Brand exposure to the right audience, structured positioning in search engines.


Sales, Leads, Flexibility

Increased contact and sales conversions, qualified lead generation, investment flexibility.


Strengthening, Competitiveness

It strengthens the business marketing strategy and makes the business competitive.

Consultancy Free

Talk to one of our Traffic Management experts to understand your company's goals and help with solutions for this new journey.

Integrated Strategies

Reach, Presence, Recognition and Conversion
Your business is unique and so is our approach. Our Paid Traffic Agency experts will work closely with you to determine your business goals and objectives to develop a bespoke PPC solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about the service.
What is Traffic Management?

It's a strategy that consists of bringing more users to your website or social media through ads. In this work, the traffic manager segments audiences (focusing on an audience interested in their product/service) and analyzes metrics to manage the visitors their channels are receiving. After all, it's no use receiving countless visits, but none being qualified to turn into a business, right?

What are the types of traffic?

There are 6 types of traffic, which represent the path that users took to reach your website or another digital channel. The two main ones are paid traffic (which is intrinsically linked to traffic management) and organic traffic, but there are also social, referral, direct and email marketing traffic.

What is traffic in digital marketing and why does it matter?

In digital marketing, the concept of traffic refers to the movement of users who access a certain website, blog, landing page or other electronic environment. That is, it is the flow of people who are browsing a given page.

Evidently, the greater the traffic of a page, the greater the number of people who access it and, consequently, the more efficient its conversion rate.

However, more important than the volume of visitors is the quality of traffic generated. That is, the more qualified the target audience is, the more likely they are to be interested in the solutions offered on your website.

Is marketing agency service expensive?

As we say: “expensive is what does not bring results! “

In addition, the fact of being “expensive” or not is very subjective, after all it depends not only on the budget that the company allocates for marketing, as well as the maturity that the manager has on the subject, after all investment is different from expense.
But one thing you can convince yourself that compared to reaping results (ROI), it is not considered expensive!

Convidamos você a nos contatar, para que expliquemos um pouco mais sobre a metodologia de trabalho e entrega da Fénix Digital e o quanto nós podemos te ajudar nessa jornada!

Am I guaranteed that what I invest will bring results?

This answer may even play against us, but we prefer to answer honestly:

There is no guarantee that the results will appear, since they depend on numerous factors, including many that are not in our control, but Content Connect will work to achieve them, that we can guarantee!

It is irresponsible and sounds like quackery, professionals or agencies that manage to guarantee positive results, even before working to make them happen.

In digital, there is a lot of competition and over time the trend is that there will be even more. Therefore, having a coherent plan within the possibility of investment and knowledge about the performance of the competition within its segment, guide our strategy to achieve the best results.

Convidamos você a nos contatar, para que expliquemos um pouco mais sobre a metodologia de trabalho e entrega da Conteúdo Conecta e o quanto nós podemos te ajudar nessa jornada!

I'm afraid I don't take care of the demand that the agency requires.

Our methodology is optimized precisely to function as the right arm of your company's marketing. It requires no knowledge and not so little skill! We know that entrepreneurs and marketing directors have many tasks and consequently little time.

That is why we consider as one of our differentials the fact of understanding business, in which, at the same time that we respect your time and values, we act with dynamism, so that things happen, without letting it stop because of insecurities and response.

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