1. Tenha um site veloz

A fast website is a basic prerequisite to have a successful virtual store, but that many people neglect.

The website is the presentation of your store and the most important contact you will have with your customer. This is because it is usually on this page that purchases will be made or that the consumer will be able to look at the photos and description of the products.

Therefore, it is important that he feels that this is a safe, efficient environment and that the products are of quality! Here are some essential aspects that a website must have:

  • It must be responsive, that is, adaptable to any screen format (smartphone, desktop, tablets, etc.);
  • All products must have a photo, description and price;
  • The information must be clear.

In this sense, having a e-commerce platform can be a differentiator. The Fenix Digital, offers all these benefits, in addition to having a server stability, which allows e-commerces to stay online for 99.9% of the year.

2. Organize the products

The organization of products allows you to find each type of merchandise much faster. Just as supermarket aisles are signposted and marked by type of product, the e-commerce account with categories and the tags to make that work.

Also offer some options for organizing the list of products according to the preference of those on your site — it can be by preço, best sellers ou best customer rating.

3. describe the products

For the most detailed consumer, this factor counts a lot, since he wants to know every detail of the product to assess whether the purchase is worth it.

Tell us everything you can about the item, from the color to the type of material. Also remember to list the items that go in that product.

For example, in the case of selling frames, advise that the frame does not come with a picture or that it comes with screws and plugs for installation on the wall.

4. Take good pictures

Always work with quality photos, with good lighting and showing all angles of the product.

Remember to insert an image showing the proportions of the item, so that your customer can see the correct size of the product. In the case of clothing stores, there is the option of offering a virtual fitting room, uma artificial intelligence tool that finds the ideal size of clothes and shoes for the consumer

5. Promote the products on social networks

Good photos are also important for publicity in redes sociais. It is through them that you will have projection for your products and, thus, will attract customers..

To succeed and grow your audience, you need to invest in strategies with differentials that will highlight your brand.

To do this, create a visual identity própria e work with creative videos. Another interesting strategy is the live commerce, in which entrepreneurs make live videos on social networks and show products for sale.

6. Adopt an email marketing strategy

The e-mail marketing is direct form of communication with consumers. After each sale you will have a new email in your database and possibly a potential customer in the future.

Try to send interesting announcements with launches, discounts or products that are back in stock.

7. Send notification emails for abandoned carts

In addition to sending email marketing, you also need to have a contact strategy to people who abandoned carts with some item.

The cart abandonment happens when someone goes to the store, selects a product for the cart and leaves without completing the purchase.

Several factors lead someone to do this and it is not possible to know exactly why. However, some cases may just be result of forgetfulness or a momentary withdrawal.

The action of reminding people that that item is still there can help rescue a sale that was all but lost.

You don't even have to spend time weekly to do this. Some platforms already allow automatic contact to be made, sending a default email a few days later cart abandonment.

8. Make promotions

A promotion can be the way in which a customer becomes aware of your brand and, in the future, can come back to buy again or recommend the product to someone else..

In many cases, people are not willing to pay an amount because they don't consider something so useful, but with discounts, they can use and like the product, agreeing to pay the full amount in the future.

9. Work with multiple payment methods

A few years ago, it was common to give up on a purchase because the store only accepted credit cards, since this was a payment method that was not part of the reality of a large part of the population. Also, for businesses, it was difficult to offer other forms of payment that worked as well as the card.

This period has been completely overcome and today people expect to be able to pay the way they want

To avoid losing sales over such a small issue, look for platforms that allow oferecer o máximo de opções.


10. Offer multiple delivery methods

Freight is one of the costs that most influences the closing of a purchase. As well as payment options, currently there are already a number of possibilities for shipping.

Some platforms or freight gateways allow you to check the quote for delivery to different locations at the same time. With this service, you allow your customer to choose the method that works best for him.

11. Customize Product Package

Everyone loves surprises. Therefore, in the process of packing your products for delivery, look for create an interesting experience for whoever receives that item. It doesn't have to be anything very expensive, since it's not interesting to spend too much on this issue.

However, a few simple details can make all the difference. As, for example, for pieces of clothing, putting them wrapped in a tissue paper that is cheap, protects the clothes and guarantees an experience similar to the act of unwrapping a gift.

You can also put some toast, like a cute sticker or a free sample of another product you sell. The important thing is to deliver something simple, but with value, ensuring that, when you receive the product, it will extrapolate expectations from whom you are receiving.


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